It's mutual, we've discussed it ♫

Yes, I am a Larry shipper, feel free to ask me anything.
If you don't ship Larry and you hate Larry shippers you shouldn't come here, thank you.

Anonymous: I love larry so much <3 <3 and I adore your blog!

Aw thank you! Who are you? And I love them too! I just wish they could come out because this ‘not knowing for sure’ thing is killing me :D

12. April 2014

Anonymous: The picture the one direction twitter just tweeted.... Like I know they would never post anything like that but IT SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE LOUIS AND HARRY ARE HOLDING HANDS 😭😭😭😭




Even angles ship Harry and Louis :)


I am not a fan of 1D but aren’t they a couple in real life ? 

Everyone else in the world can see it…….. :)

Anonymous: can u post it? sorry, i'm mad.

But what do I have to post? I don’t understand!

Anonymous: your photo! I think you're so pretty. Aaw. ♥

What photo :o

Anonymous: So? Ship or no? I dont understand

Yes, of course she ships it! :)

Anonymous: ur bf ship larry?

Duh! :D


do you ever get sad over something that happened a long time ago because i do 

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